William Breedlove Martin

Set during the First World War, William Breedlove Martin’s IN ANOTHER TIME is the intense drama of the Lansdownes, a big, well-to-do family in a small Southern town. As the brothers Laurence and Victor leave for the front as fighter pilots, their overbearing father, Buck, and the five Lansdowne women are left to face the uncertainty and the fear of a world, and a family, at war.

Some of the female characters in the family, such as Miss Cordelia, the mother of the two aviators, are devastated by their anguish, while others, such as Della, the beautiful new wife of the domineering Laurence, find strength and redemption in their struggles.

The excitement and the terrors of war, the upheavals of a changing culture, and the conflicts of nine family members within and among themselves are woven into a compelling and uplifting story of courage, endurance, acceptance, and love.

“IN ANOTHER TIME has strong writing, dramatic pacing, excellent flying scenes, a story that readers get caught up in….” M. S. Wyeth, former Executive Editor at HarperCollins

[Bill Martin’s novel] “brings history to life in the vivid, often heart-wrenching narrative of the loves and losses of the Southern Lansdowne clan. As Buck, the patriarch, frets over the problems loosed by The Great War, two of his sons serve as aviators near the front lines. Martin’s novel is not, however, mainly about war and the struggles of men. It is mainly about women on the home front—mothers, sisters, wives—and poignantly captures some of their deepest, most stressful emotions and concerns.” Carol P. Jamison, Professor of English, Armstrong Atlantic State University

“Martin’s novel reads like a big-budget mini-series translated to the page, with some of the most vividly drawn characters and hardest hitting language I’ve seen since Thomas Wolfe’s LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL. The story is fast-moving, deeply moving, and as old-timey Southern as all get out. I wish I had written it.” John Chandler Griffin, author of The Execution of Abraham Lincoln and nine other books about the South.