About MM John Welda BookHouse

MM John Welda BookHouse, established in 2011, publishes both fiction and non-fiction works covering a wide spectrum. Our titles are available as hardcovers, trade paperbacks and ebooks. Soon we will offer several of the titles as audiobooks as well.

Our name? In homage to several significant people in the owners’ lives, here is an explanation: The MM letters stand for Mimi and MeMa, names for guiding forces, our grandmother and great-grandmother, Wylena Hargrove and Hattie Clark Hargrove. MM also stands for Mai and Michael, as well as the middle name of the wife of one of the owners, a special person! John and Welda are the parents, their last name being Whigham. And BookHouse? Well, what looms better in this world than a houseful of books! And as publisher, let us add to the books let out into the world.

Our first series of titles comprise a series, The Lightwood History Collection. Seeking to renew interest in Georgia author Brainard Cheney, we have republished all of his four novels for the collection, beginning with Lightwood in February, 2012.

The Lightwood Chronicles, being the true story of Brainard Cheney’s novel, Lightwood, compiled by Stephen Whigham, appeared in November, 2011.

The Lightwood History Collection currently includes the additional Cheney titles, River Rogue, This is Adam and Devil’s Elbow. Also, Addie Garrison Briggs‘ work, They Don’t Make People Like They Used To.